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Welcome to "Ghosty Films," --a website designed to display the animations and tutorials of Daniel Brown.
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Some content on this site may not be suitable for young children.
In the Works:
-Death Man 1.1: The Ape Man Cometh
-Chanter Tales 1.4
"Chanter Tales 1.3" --A young wizard, named "Nuok," uses his magic to escape death."
"MADNESS: Mystery Jim" --My first animated character, "Mystery Jim" escapes from a prison cell on a desolate planet. This is my submission for "Madness Day 2007" --a Newgrounds holiday where artists pay tribute to the the popular series called "Madness Combat."
"Mighty Man 1.2" --Two new super villains are out for revenge in this action-packed adventure...
"Oswald's Video Journal 4" --Oswald has a bad experience with organized crime.
"Mighty Man 1.1" --Mighty Man of the Mighty Trio goes solo in this exciting adventure as he attempts foil a bank robbery.
"Chanter Tales 1.2" --A young wizard encounters danger while wandering in the wilderness.
"A Stinker of a Plan" --Dr. Vlatulenz drills into the ground, releasing gas into the atmosphere...
"Trouble for the Trio" --The Mighty Trio fall right into Dr. Vlatulenz's trap.
"The Pre-Revenge Revenge of Dr. Vlatulenz" --Dr. Vlatulenz discovers more people he needs to get revenge on.
"The Mighty Trio Meet Dr. Vlatulenz" --A crack team of super heroes help an evil super villain move into their neighborhood.
"Oswald's Video Journal 3" --Everyone's favorite forest child is up to his old tricks.
"Oswald's Video Journal 2" brings you more antics from that rascally snarglox wrangler.
"Dan's World 3" features more of Dan Brown's adventures at work.
"Oswald's Video Journal" takes you through the daily routine of everyone's favorite poorly-drawn character.
"Dan's World 2" is the second in a series devoted to the dumb things people say to me at work, and how I wish I could respond.
"Dan's World 1" is a look at a day in the life of Dan Brown.
"Chanter Tales 1.1 --The Wild" is the first installment of a series featuring "Nuok" --a young wizard of the "Chanter" variety.
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